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As I've mentioned several times in previous blog posts, Canada doesn't currently have any direct death or inheritance federal taxes. NB: in practice, shareholders who did not exceed the threshold that triggered taxation of capital gains on securities (FRF 50,000 at the time, i.e. EUR 7,622) had no interest in deferring their tax liability. Holdover gift relief - on some gifts of business assets, or gifts made into trusts mean the tax does not become payable until the person, or trustee who receives the gift disposes of it. Disclaimer: this post is my opinion only and should not be construed as investment or tax advice.

A non-resident holder’s holding period (for purpose of determining the applicable Indian capital gains tax rate) in respect of equity shares received in exchange for ADSs commences on the date of the advice of withdrawal of such equity shares by the relevant Depositary to its custodian. Since your shareholding has increased from 100 to 200, your cost of acquisition per share has also come down from Rs. 100 to Rs. 50. Now you hold 200 shares of the company at Current price of Rs. 74. If you sell these shares your capital gain will be calculated as (200(74-50). This is generally the second highest tax rate (no FICA due on this vs. earned income).

This can in today's high priced real estate market add up to a hefty amount and some Nri's are steered into accepting black money which they minimize capital gains are led to believe will save them capital gains tax. This can be achieved by investing gains in the Capital Gains Accounts Scheme (CGAS) in any minimize capital gains public sector bank. However, there are few exceptions to this rule like gain on depreciable asset is always taxed as short-term capital gain. The wash sale rules only apply to investment sales that result in a capital loss!

In the instant case transfer of shares took place on 22-12-1992, i.e. on a date when assessee had already became wholly subsidiary of ATCL and therefore , capital gain arising on sale of shares was not taxable in assessee's hands by virtue of provisions of section 47(v). Note: While efforts have been made to provide correct information, this is our understanding of the CII and tax law. In this case, the treatment of long-term and short-term gains does not necessarily correspond to the federal treatment.

Consider AGI-based phaseouts of various tax breaks and effective use of marginal tax brackets in the current and surrounding years. If you have invested in Equity oriented funds and if you redeem after 12 months of holding the units, no capital gain taxes are levied. Would it be more beneficial tax wise to place the property in a trust, just leave it in her will or to sell it to him for 1$. The value of the land is probably only $75,000.

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